South Tampa Pet sitting testimonials

Our South Tampa Pet Parents are our biggest fans. Take a look at what they have to say:

“1st Professional Pet Sitters did a fantastic job when they sat for our two cats. They went way above and beyond what my husband and I expected. Not only did they take wonderful care of our pets, but they also did a few thoughtful things that we didn’t ask them to do — but that made our lives much, much easier. First, the weather got abnormally and unexpectedly cold while we were gone, so they turned our heat up just warm enough to keep our pets comfortable without running up our electric bill. Second, one of our cats has some litter box issues and prefers to go on a small rug, and they washed that rug for us. It was so nice to return home to a clean, fresh-smelling house — and two very happy kitties. We will absolutely continue coming to 1st Professional Pet Sitters for our pet-sitting needs.”

– Karyn (“Mom” to Nola and Quinn)

“Terri and her team are AMAZING! I just recently hired them for the first time to take care of my cat while I was out of town and they went well above and beyond the call of duty! Unlucky for them, my cat got sick with a UTI on the first day I was gone. Terri was in constant communication with me about it and even took my cat to the vet on day two when he had not improved. Not only did she handle the vet visit, she went by the store to purchase some carpet cleaner and cleaned up his messes that he had due to his illness. Keep in mind that this was the very first time she had sat for me! She took care of my pet like I would have done myself. And even though a lot of sitters say they will do this, many do not. I recommend Terri and her team to anyone and only hope that she won’t refuse to sit for me after all the trouble my cat gave her on our first time. (Just kidding! I know she will!) Thank you Terri! You and your team are PERFECT!!!”


“Terri and Alison have been taking care of our two cats for ten years. There is something to be said for the peace of mind you get to enjoy while being away from your home and pets. Terri’s team provides just that! Plants have been watered, mail has been brought in, and other little things you forget to take care of before leaving town. Terri and her team are aware and alert, and make the extra effort to “take care of” me and my family in more ways than the wonderful, consist care they give my cats. 1st Professional Pet Sitters is one of the easiest and friendliest companies I have ever done business with and the rates are extremely fair.”

– Sabrina (“Mom” to Chaz and Ella)

“Terri, I just wanted to thank you again for your blessing and knowledge of dogs. Kolby has been such a great addition to our family and he ‘loves’ on all of us. Thank you for enlightening us that we were a ‘bridge’ family for Mosby but that he was not a good fit for our family.”

– Don, Wayne, Mark & Kolby

“The staff at 1st Professional Pet Sitters is wonderful. There are not enough words to accurately express how invaluable they have become to our family. My job requires me to travel extensively and when my husband is also away it gives me peace of mind to know that my pet is well taken care of. Additionally, my cat Hildy recently became ill around Thanksgiving and we’ve come to believe that she’s had a stroke. Terri and her staff have gone above and beyond to make sure that Hildy continues to have the comfort of her home while we are away. They have become a resource that we cannot even begin to put a price tag on. I cannot sing their praises enough. Prior to becoming aware of 1st Professional Pet Sitters, care for Hildy was always a concern for me. Now, we can continue to travel for work and pleasure know that Hildy is going to be happy, healthy, and well while we are away.”

– Kathryn

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